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  About Luigi B.G. Pizza & Pasta

Luigi B.G. Pizza & Pasta is a local, independent Italian & Pizzeria restaurant serving Panama City, FL since 1989.
   It is operated by partners Teresa Hays and Ken Heard, and managed with the help of our dining room manager, Sara Paterson. 

Our servers and coworkers are of the highest caliber in the business.  Each of them understands that this is a business of customer service, and we rely on them to give their very best towards making our guests happy.
They are empowered to please, and we are fortunate to have them on our team!

Luigi B.G. has several dedicated, senior coworkers who have been with us five, ten and even twenty years such as Doug Foster, Asia Zimmerman, Sara Paterson, Nick Badham and others.  In fact, our kitchen staff averages about thirty years of restaurant experience! 

Luigi B.G. Pizza & Pasta is locally known as a great place for reasonably priced Italian food and pizza -served in a comfortable, clean environment.  Our guests enjoy popular Italian fun foods like pizza, pasta, parmigiana, lasagna, hot oven subs and more.  At lunch, there is our popular Lunch Buffet -complete with a classic Salad Bar plus all you can eat Pizza, Pasta and Buffalo Wings.

Our menu is prepared fresh to order.  Most key items are made from scratch using premium quality ingredients.  Our N.Y. style Pizza starts with daily fresh dough -of the highest quality spring wheat flour topped with our own pizza sauce, quality toppings and freshly shredded premium Wisconsin mozzarella.  We use zero-trans fat, zero-cholesterol oil and margarine in the preparation of our dough, breads and fried foods.

Our dining room seats about 165 persons, and we have a private room available for groups up to 35 (with advanced reservations).  Do you have a club or organization needing a place to meet and dine?  Please contact us to see if there is a fit for your group.

We are proud to be one of the oldest, independent non-chain restaurants in Panama City, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Luigi B.G Pizza & Pasta History

Over the years we have often been asked these questions about Luigi B.G.'s history: 

-Did this location use to be the Golden Corral
-Aren't there (wasn't there)  Luigi B.G.'s restaurants in the Tampa, FL area
-What does the "B.G." in the Luigi B.G. name stand for?

In this section about the history of our restaurant, we will answer those questions...

Our location on N. Cove Blvd., across from Panama City Mall was indeed the original Golden Corral Family Steakhouse location over twenty years ago  -proudly operated by one of our present Luigi B.G. partners.

This site was involved in a test concept by Golden Corral to convert older style Golden Corrals to a different   restaurant, thus enabling Golden Corral to build the newer mega-buffet buildings in the same area.  The new Golden Corral was then built nearby on 23rd St. where it continues to operate today (under different ownership).

Prior to our conversion, Golden Corral Corp. had secured the rights to the basic concept, and the Luigi B.G. name, from Mr. Don Swirsky of Clearwater, FL.  -where he had founded and operated four Luigi B.G. restaurants in the greater Tampa area.  He retained the rights to operate his original restaurants in Pinellas County, and Golden Corral purchased the rights to use the name and concept rights nationally. 

The new test restaurant in Panama City was very successful, but eventually Golden Corral decided to go another direction  -selling the rights to the Luigi B.G. concept to the present Panama City owners.

To our knowledge, the Tampa Bay area restaurants no longer exist, and this is the only remaining Luigi B.G. Pizza & Pasta in existence. 

What does the "B.G." stand for?  The founder of this name, and concept, told us that he was driving through the Miami area in the late 70's, and saw the name "Luigi B.G." on a sign there somewhere.  He thought it was a catchy, rhyming name that would suit an Italian restaurant concept that he was planning to open. Over the years, others have said it stood for "Big Gumba"  -Italian slang for close friend, best friend, companion, pal. 

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